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Pure Ephedrine HCL 25mg 200tabs

Replaced with Ephedrine Plus

Pure Ephedrine HCL 25mg Ephedrine 25mg is a dietary supplement with strong thermogenic effects. Ephedrine is the derivative of Chinese herb Ma Huang, or ephedra, used in folk medicine for thousand of years. It stimulates the central nervous system and cardiovascular system. It's easy to lose weight with Ephedrine 25mg in combination with such active ingredients as aspirin (white willow bark), caffeine making the process of fat burning more effective and faster.
Ephedrine alkaloids simulate the work of heart, increase metabolic rate and blood pressure and also open bronchial passages. Therefore it's widely used not only for weight loss purposes but also as an expectorant bronchodilator for people who suffer of asthma. Ephedrine 25mg increases oxygen transportation efficiency and the stored fat is burnt faster. Thermogenesis in the body is increased and appetite is suppressed. Caffeine and aspirin help to heighten these processes. Natural aspirin from white willow bark has the same properties as synthetic aspirin but it's not so hard on the stomach and produces greater effects. Caffeine restores mental alertness and works as a strongest stimulant making one feel energy and keep sharpness of mind all day long.
You should carefully study the Ephedrine 25mg directions to use and warnings before taking it. Users of drugs are likely to experience such side effects as lost of sleep and appetite, nervousness and restlessness. For those who have high blood pressure, heart problems, thyroid conditions or pregnancy Ephedrine 25mg isn't recommended for usage. It's always better to consult your physician before you decide to take any weight loss supplement.
Ephedrine 25mg really works and if you want to see fast results and lose weight without exercising and exhausting dieting Ephedrine 25mg will undoubtedly help you!

Ephedrine Plus, 12.5mg Ephedrine per serving

Ephedrine Plus
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