Ephedrine Diet Pills
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Ephedrine dietary supplements

Regardless of the warnings by FDA of the potential dangers of ephedrine, there are many schools of thought who proclaim that the same drug is not harmful if taken within prescribed doses. This drug is meant to be used as a short term weight loss supplement and the problem arises when people try to use the same for longer periods of time. It is due to these over dosages that health problems start occurring.

There are many types of ephedrine supplements available on the market and a few of them are described here briefly. One should remember that while most other supplements available require that the user should also exercise a bit, ephedrine supplements reduces body fat without the end user having to undergo exercises.

One of the most popular products is Lipodrene Ephedra. It is considered to be of the best product of its kind. This drug contains a mixture lipotrophics and natural herbs and this along with burning away ones calories and fat also reduces ones craving for sugar and also helps to suppress their appetite. It has been proved clinically that this drug is nearly 29% more effective than one of the leading drug, Redux.

Yet another popular ephedrine based dietary supplement is Mahuang RP. This drug contains 25mg of Ephedra and has been specially designed for burning fat faster. The unique mixture of this product helps one to reduce their body fat faster as compared to the other drugs of the same category available in the market.

Among the other known ephedrine based dietary supplements available in the market are Asia Black 25, Yellow Bullet, Hydroxytrol etc. It is recommended that one consults their physician to help choose which one of these supplements are best suited for them.