Ephedrine Diet Pills
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Ultra Lean with 20mg Ephedrine, 120 Caps

Ultra Lean Constant rush and stresses don't lead to healthy state of our organisms. We are pressed for time and can't pay needed attention to our organism. Snacks and late suppers lead to overweight and we need an easy and quick way of fat burning which won't require plenty of time. Here you'll find the product which will help you to suppress your appetite, increase the energy and burn your fat. Ultra lean contains only natural ingredients derived from plants. They are combined in such a way to provide the most effective weight loss.
Ephedra, Ma Huang, is a Chinese herb used for thousands of years in medicine and known as the best weight loss supplement nowadays. Ephedra contains alkaloids ephedrine which is proved to induce central nervous system stimulation. The combination of ephedra, caffeine from guarana extract and white willow bark extract elicit weight loss in a quick way. The other active ingredients also play an important role in fat burning and loss of an appetite. Vitamin B5 not only helps to improve the healthy skin, nerves and muscles, to fight allergies and assist the metabolism but it's also used in the release of energy, metabolism of fat and protein. Bitter orange is an appetite suppressant and a stimulator widely used in herbal weight-loss products. Ginger root used in medicine for a long time is known as an effective dietary supplement helping to burn fat.
Multiple lab tests proved the formula of Ultra lean with ephedra to be extremely effective and the dosage of each ingredient meets all requirements. Ultra lean with natural ephedra is you way to an active life and easy weight loss. Try it and you'll see unbelievable results!